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Roger Jenkins

Hello! I’m Roger Jenkins, your go-to source at I'm a USC graduate who combines journalistic precision with a Trojan's passion. Based in sunny Los Angeles, my days are filled with more than just sunshine; they’re about capturing stories that resonate. Beyond the newsroom, I'm an avid triathlete. Swimming, cycling, and running are more than just sports to me; they embody my commitment to discipline, focus, and a healthy dose of competition. My love for travel takes me far and wide. Guadalajara, with its vibrant culture and unforgettable tacos, has a special place in my heart. I’m always searching for the next great story or a hidden culinary treasure. At home, Nala, my energetic pet, is my constant companion. Together, we're known in our neighborhood for our morning runs and evening strolls. I’m driven by a belief in the power of storytelling to unite communities. Join me as we explore impactful narratives and stay updated with the latest news. You’ll also get a peek into my sports passions and travel escapades. Want to get in touch? Follow me on Instagram for more insights and updates.

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