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Innovative Electric Vehicle Transforms from Scooter to E-Rickshaw in Minutes

Innovative Electric Vehicle Transforms from Scooter to E-Rickshaw in Minutes

Meet the S32 EV: A Transformative Approach to Urban Transport

The future of urban transportation may have just become more versatile and efficient with the introduction of the S32 EV, a remarkable electric vehicle that shifts from an electric scooter to an e-rickshaw and back in under three minutes. This Indian automotive startup's brainchild is turning heads with its practicality and ease of transformation, potentially revolutionizing the way we think about personal and commercial transport.

A Dual-Purpose Marvel for the Bustling Streets

With the high demands of commuting, home delivery, and logistics, the S32 EV seems poised to make a significant impact, especially in the busy Indian subcontinent. Whether it's a quick trip to the supermarket or transporting goods across the city, this electric vehicle is designed to handle various tasks with ease, adapting to the user's needs in real time.

Seamless Transformation at the Touch of a Button

The S32 EV boasts an industry-first interchangeable body frame that allows for a swift and tool-free transformation. The front section of the rickshaw pops open, and the scooter slides out, all thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism that works at the touch of a button. This flexibility means that users can switch between modes based on the task at hand without the hassle of managing two separate vehicles.

Designed for the Demands of Commercial Use

While personal use might be limited, the S32 EV shines in commercial applications. Delivery vendors, for instance, can quickly reconfigure the vehicle to suit the specific needs of their clients. Each module features its own battery and motor, allowing for independent operation and charging. The vehicle also comes equipped with LED lighting, a digital speedometer, and switchgear for a modern and convenient experience.

Power and Performance in Both Modes

When combined, the e-rickshaw mode is powered by a robust 11 kWh battery, producing 6bhp, capable of hauling up to 500 kg with a top speed of 50 km/h. In its separate electric scooter form, the 3.5 kWh battery takes over, providing a top speed of 60 km/h with a 4 bhp output, ideal for zipping through city traffic.

Customizable Options and Future Availability

Hero Motor Corp, the company behind this innovative vehicle, offers the rickshaw module in two configurations: one for cargo with a bed and another with passenger seating. While pricing and an exact release date remain under wraps, the company hints at a potential production timeline aiming for 2025, signaling a near-future where this multi-functional vehicle could become a common sight on city streets.