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Genesis Unveils Electric Concept Built for the Cold


Electric Vehicles Face Winter Challenges

Electric vehicle (EV) owners in Chicago are feeling the chill as the city’s icy winds present obstacles for their high-tech rides. With winter’s grip tightening, EVs are under scrutiny for their performance in freezing temperatures, a test that not just Tesla’s fleet is grappling with, but one that all EV manufacturers are keenly aware of.

Genesis’s Timely Reveal: The X Snow Speedium Concept

Amidst the frosty debates, Genesis Motor, Hyundai’s luxury arm, has chosen this moment to unveil its new EV concept, the X Snow Speedium. Designed to withstand the cold, the vehicle is described as a “symphony of strength and elegance” that doesn’t falter even when the mercury drops. This concept arrives hot on the heels of Nissan’s X-Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle, a rugged EV ready to tackle mountainous terrains and emergency scenarios.

Designed for Winter Wonderland

The X Snow Speedium concept sports a winter white finish, blending seamlessly with snowy backdrops. It shares some design cues with the X-Trail, including a specialized ski rack for outdoor enthusiasts, courtesy of a collaboration with Anavon Ski AG. The concept’s design elements, like the distinctive front line lamps and “V-shaped” brake lights, are unmistakably Genesis. Yet, it sets itself apart with its pristine white color, a departure from the original coupe’s emerald green.

Genesis Eyes an All-Electric Future

Genesis representatives have made bold claims about the X Snow Speedium concept, calling it a symbol of the brand’s future and their commitment to transitioning into “an all-electric car brand.” The concept’s interior is expected to follow a minimalist aesthetic, drawing from Korean architectural influences, and featuring a futuristic driver’s cockpit encapsulated by a floating center console.

A Glimpse into the Future, Not Yet Reality

While the X Snow Speedium concept is a vision of Genesis’s electrified ambitions, it’s not slated for production just yet. However, with the company’s plans to go emission-free in the coming years, the possibility of such a vehicle hitting the roads may not be entirely off the table.