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Apple’s Vision Pro Faces Fierce Competition from Stylish and Affordable Visor

Apple's Vision Pro

New Kid on the Block

Apple’s entry into the mixed reality scene with the Vision Pro has been making waves, but it’s not the only player in town. Other companies, already veterans in the space, are eager to show off their expertise and products, promising a superior experience. A notable challenger is the Visor headset, boasting an open platform, a chic design, and a price point that’s easier on the wallet.

Visor’s Eye-Catching Design

While the Apple Vision Pro certainly has its appeal, the Visor takes a different approach to style, resembling its namesake more closely. Despite its sleek appearance, the Visor packs a punch with 4K micro OLED displays for each eye and a lightweight build that undercuts its competitors, including the Meta Quest 3.

A Unique Mixed Reality Experience

Visor sets itself apart not just in design but in functionality as well. It doesn’t rely on a proprietary operating system or simply act as a second screen for a computer. Instead, it leverages Immersed’s advanced mixed reality software to create an immersive experience with virtual monitors that enhance the user’s field of view, offering a seamless integration with familiar software and systems.

Open to Customization and Development

Immersed is committed to flexibility and openness, with plans to release development tools for app sideloading. They’re also not blocking efforts to integrate popular platforms like SteamVR, despite their focus on productivity and professional applications. Visor is presented as a versatile device that doesn’t lock users into a specific ecosystem or marketplace.

Affordability with a Catch

The Visor’s attractive $399.99 price tag comes with a caveat—a “Membership Plus” subscription is required, which could add up over time. However, even without the subscription, the standalone price of $999.99 remains competitive, particularly against the pricier Apple Vision Pro. The real test will be if Visor can live up to its promises, an outcome eagerly anticipated by consumers and industry watchers alike.