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Checkmate in Style: Rimowa Unveils Luxurious Travel-Ready Chess Set

Rimowa Chess Attache

The Evolution of Chess Sets

Chess, a timeless game with centuries-old roots, has seen its fair share of transformations. Today’s market offers a diverse array of chess sets, from the affordable plastic varieties to the more delicate glass types, and from traditional to modern abstract designs. Some of these chess sets are treasured possessions displayed at home, while others serve as loyal travel companions, ever-ready for an impromptu match.

Rimowa’s Entry into the Chess World

Rimowa, a brand synonymous with high-end luggage, ventures into new territory with its latest creation: a premium aluminum chess set encased in the brand’s iconic travel case. This set not only promises quality but also aims to be the centerpiece of attention among chess aficionados.

Portable Chess with a Twist

While foldable wooden boards have been the go-to for portable chess sets, Rimowa introduces a touch of sophistication to the mix. The Rimowa Chess Attache not only pays tribute to the game’s storied past but also infuses it with a contemporary flair. Crafted from anodized aluminum, the chess pieces feature black and silver tones, each adorned with a laser-engraved Rimowa monogram. The leather-wrapped wooden board includes magnets to secure the pieces, framed by aluminum bearing the Rimowa logo – a nod to the brand’s lineage of luxury.

The Ultimate Chess Travel Companion

The Chess Attache’s true charm lies in its eponymous case. True to Rimowa’s heritage, the case sports rounded edges and ribbed faces, the brand’s signature aesthetic. Inside, each chess piece rests in a specially designed compartment, nestled among foam and microfiber for ultimate protection. A leather layer provides additional safeguarding, while the board itself is fastened with premium leather straps. Rimowa’s branding is omnipresent, from the leather lining to the monogrammed snaps, ensuring that the Chess Attache is not just a game set but a statement of luxury.

A Fusion of Functionality and Elegance

This Rimowa Chess Attache isn’t just about looks; it’s built for travel with a sturdy metallic lock system integrated into the case. It’s designed to enhance both your chess game and your travel experience, ensuring that wherever you go, you can play chess in unparalleled style.