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Concorde’s Legacy Soars Again: Meet the Electric Car Inspired by the Supersonic Giant

A Glimpse into the Past

The Concorde jet, an icon of aviation history, made waves when it debuted in 1976 with its ability to fly at twice the speed of sound. A joint venture between the UK and France, the Concorde redefined luxury air travel. Despite its prowess, the steep costs associated with its operation led to its retirement in 2003. The Concorde’s ability to whisk passengers from New York to London in a mere three and a half hours left a lasting impression, but its days gracing the skies are over.

Electric Tribute on Four Wheels

As the Concorde itself won’t be making a comeback to the realm of supersonic commercial flights, the next best thing is a ground-breaking homage. Enter the Concorde 20+, a four-wheeled electric marvel designed by Christopher Giroux, which pays tribute to the legendary aircraft. This concept car is a breath of fresh air in the world of automotive design, celebrating the Concorde’s legacy of breaking the sound barrier.

Design That Echoes Supersonic Speeds

The Concorde 20+ is a 3-seater performance electric car that embodies the spirit of its airborne predecessor. With a single seat upfront for the driver and two in the back for passengers, it offers a luxurious and spacious experience reminiscent of the Concorde’s exclusivity. The vehicle’s active aerodynamic features not only enhance performance at high speeds but also infuse the design with a dynamic, fluid aesthetic.

High-Speed Heritage

Just as the Concorde was built for speed, the Concorde 20+ is designed for exhilarating drives, not leisurely cruises. The car’s pointed front end and futuristic LED headlights draw a direct lineage to the jet, while its side profile and long shooting brake design maximize interior space and mirror the aircraft’s aerodynamic lines. The rear of the car continues this future-forward theme, ensuring the Concorde’s spirit lives on in every aspect of the design.

With the Concorde 20+ concept, the legend of supersonic travel may find new life on the highways, offering a nod to the past while accelerating towards an electrified future.