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Luxury Meets Tradition: Devialet Unveils Gold-Clad Phantom I Speaker for Chinese New Year

Gold-Clad Phantom I Speaker

Iconic Design Reimagined

Devialet’s Phantom I, a wireless speaker celebrated for its exceptional audio quality and design, has been reimagined by two prominent artists to honor the Chinese Year of the Dragon. This period signifies the transition from winter to spring, a time of renewal and celebration.

Phantom I 108 dB: A Limited Edition Masterpiece

The Phantom I 108 dB, named after its creators Yang Bao & Wa Liu, boasts a striking gold and red color scheme that embodies the spirit of the dragon. This limited edition speaker, available from January 23 to April 23, 2024, showcases an exquisite blend of design and technology, with a nod to the rich cultural heritage it represents.

Artistic Flair and Cultural Homage

The back of this handcrafted speaker features 22.5-carat gold leaf accents, paired with vibrant red strokes, mimicking the dragon’s dynamic movement. More than a mere speaker, this piece stands as a musical instrument with its own character, designed to integrate seamlessly into its environment while maintaining a distinct presence.

Symbolism and Craftsmanship Intertwined

Embodying the dragon’s symbolic power and tranquility, the Phantom I edition is a testament to the fusion of nature and music. The creation process spans approximately two weeks, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail. Skilled artisans apply layers of gold leaf and red lacquer, a testament to the speaker’s handcrafted excellence.

The Price of Exclusivity

With its breathtaking design and limited availability, the Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu carries a hefty price tag of $6,700 per unit, marking it as a luxury item for the discerning audiophile and collector.

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