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Innovative Oloïd Luminaire: A Marriage of Sustainability and Design

A Breakthrough in Acoustic Lighting

Introducing Oloïd, a groundbreaking luminaire that transcends traditional lighting by merging superior sound absorption with transformative design. This sustainable acoustic luminaire is the result of a unique collaboration between Impact Acoustic and Atelier oï, two pioneers in their respective fields. Oloïd redefines the interaction between light and sound, offering an experience that elevates the atmosphere of any space it inhabits.

Eco-Friendly Material at the Core

Oloïd’s heart beats with Archisonic Felt, a high-performance, sustainable acoustic material made from recycled PET bottles. With excellent sound-absorbing properties, this material not only contributes to the luminaire’s functionality but also its environmental integrity. Archisonic Felt’s Cradle to Cradle certification and LEED accreditation highlight its eco-friendly nature, meeting the increasing demand for green design solutions.

Lighting and Sound in Harmony

The collaboration behind Oloïd goes beyond mere lighting solutions; it’s about crafting an immersive environment where light and sound coalesce in perfect harmony. The partnership between Impact Acoustic and Atelier oï has resulted in a luminaire that is as much an artistic expression as it is a functional object.

Creative Process Unveiled

Aurel Aebi of Atelier oï sheds light on the creative journey that led to Oloïd’s creation. Starting with a deep understanding of the material’s properties, the design team sought to give a new voice to sustainability. The result is a series of organic shapes that challenge and expand upon the traditional design of light fixtures.

Personalization Through Color

Oloïd offers a palette of 32 colors, allowing individuals to tailor their spaces to their liking. This selection, drawn from the Archisonic Felt range, provides the freedom to create personalized environments that resonate with personal style and preference.

Transformative Collaboration

Sven Erni, co-founder of Impact Acoustic, is captivated by the transformation their material underwent through collaboration. A unique cutting technique and skillful folding process allowed the team to elevate two-dimensional panels into mesmerizing three-dimensional forms, showcasing the material’s versatility and the power of cooperative innovation.

A New Standard in Sustainable Design

Oloïd is more than just a sound-absorbing luminaire; it is a symbol of what sustainable design can achieve. Its commitment to responsible material use, coupled with its innovative design and the fusion of light and sound, positions Oloïd as a leader in eco-conscious creativity. It invites us to explore the future possibilities of our illuminated environments.