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Grain Husks: The New Frontier in Sustainable Packaging

grain husk packaging

The Plastic Problem in Packaging

Despite efforts to minimize plastic use, it remains a dominant force in packaging materials. From shrink wrap to styrofoam, the quest to find sustainable alternatives has been challenging. Plastic, especially in the form of molded styrofoam, is notoriously difficult to recycle due to its custom shapes and composition.

Innovative German Company Offers a Solution

A German company is pioneering a breakthrough in packaging technology with Recou, a material crafted from grain husks. This natural byproduct, typically discarded or used as animal bedding, is being transformed into a biodegradable cushioning material aimed to replace styrofoam.

Recou: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Recou’s manufacturing process involves binding grain husks with a bio-based binder, creating a product with similar protective qualities as conventional styrofoam. This innovative material is not only biodegradable but can also be composted, offering a significant environmental advantage.

Performance and Production

While Recou mirrors the moldability of styrofoam, it does have certain limitations. The production time for each piece is between 6-8 hours, and the density is higher than styrofoam, which may affect its adoption. Despite these challenges, Recou has shown resilience against moisture and humidity, crucial factors in packaging materials.

Proservation’s Market Strategy

Proservation is actively marketing Recou to industries and companies seeking sustainable packaging solutions. They currently offer standard products such as corner-cushions and are open to custom orders. With plans to establish an industrial plant by 2024, the company is gearing up to provide a scalable, no-waste alternative to traditional styrofoam packaging.