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Art Meets Function: The Keyboard That’s Also a Masterpiece

Schizatto Drip Keyboards

Not Your Average Keyboard

Who says keyboards have to be dull? Moving beyond the standard black and white, a new wave of keyboard design is bringing a splash of color and a dash of Italian artistry to the table. Far from ordinary, these computer peripherals are challenging the notion that keyboards are just tools, transforming them into pieces of art that could brighten up any workspace.

Italian Artistry on Your Desk

Forget the typical ceramic aesthetics; Italy has a secret up its sleeve. Introducing “schizatto,” a technique that literally means ‘splatter,’ which has been used to create vibrant, playful patterns on ceramics. This same joyful chaos is now being applied to computer keyboards, offering a unique and eye-catching design that’s sure to stand out.

Hand-Crafted Keyboard Cases

Meet the Mason60 keyboard cases, where every stroke of color is a testament to individuality. Hand-crafted with the schizatto technique, these keyboard cases are like fingerprints—no two are ever identical. Each case is a limited edition, a personal reflection of the artist’s touch at the moment of creation, infusing personality into every keystroke.

A Touch of Gypsum Resin Elegance

The Mason60 Schizzato series isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good too. Crafted from a gypsum resin composite, these keyboard cases have a weight and gloss that might just fool you into thinking they’re carved from marble. It’s not just a keyboard; it’s a slice of Italian luxury that could fool anyone into thinking it’s a ceramic masterpiece.

Boost Your Mood with a Splash of Color

Underestimating the power of a visually stimulating workspace is a mistake. A vibrant keyboard won’t change how you type, but it might just change how you feel. For those who spend countless hours at their computer, a beautiful object in sight can be a mood-lifter and a brain stimulator. And let’s not forget, owning something this unique is bound to spark conversations and maybe even a hint of jealousy among your peers.