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Introducing the Mayla GT: A Superboat That Redefines Luxury on the Water

Introducing the Mayla GT: A Superboat That Redefines Luxury on the Water

A New Wave of Sports Car-Inspired Design

Known for its prowess in sports car manufacturing, Mayla Yacht is now bringing its expertise to the high seas with the introduction of the 44-foot GT superboat. This vessel is set to surpass existing standards with its striking design and powerful visual impact. Offering a variety of powertrains including gas, diesel, electric, and hybrid options, the GT is poised to deliver an astonishing 3,000 HP, capable of propelling the superboat to a breathtaking top speed of 100 knots.

German Engineering Hits the Water

With a rich history of designing top-tier yachts, the German marque is confidently venturing into the superboat domain. The GT's sleek silhouette boasts a pointed nose and is constructed from premium carbon fiber, ensuring a lightweight yet robust build. The vessel's layout includes an expansive cockpit for basking in the summer sun and a dual-purpose water toy garage that transforms into a beach club. Eager enthusiasts should note the Mayla GT's global debut at Boat Düsseldorf 2024.

High-Tech Construction for Unmatched Performance

The GT's advanced carbon prepreg material keeps its weight under 3.8 tons, optimizing both efficiency and range. Its deep-V monohull design features twin transversal steps, generating air bubbles that diminish surface friction, while Petestep deflectors minimize water spray, enhancing power efficiency, stability, and quiet operation. Speeds ranging from 50 to 100+ knots are achievable, thanks to these cutting-edge innovations.

Luxury and Comfort on the Open Seas

When the thrill of speed gives way to leisure, the GT accommodates up to eight passengers in its multipurpose cockpit. Amenities abound, including a sundeck with sliding loungers, foldable dining tables, and options for a wet bar or BBQ. The beach club platform invites guests to immerse themselves in the ocean's allure. Below deck, the comforts of home await with a double bed, sofa lounge, wardrobe, entertainment system, and private shower facilities. The vessel also comes equipped with a 200-liter fresh water supply and a 22-liter hot water system for a truly comfortable stay at sea.

Own the Dream: Pricing and Trials

The entry-level Mayla GT superboat is set to make waves with a debut price of approximately $1.8 million. For those with deeper pockets, additional luxury options are available to enhance the experience. If you're drawn to the allure of the GT but the price is beyond reach, the company offers trial experiences starting in Spring 2024. Mark your calendars for an opportunity to witness this unparalleled blend of speed, style, and luxury firsthand.