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Denmark’s Architectural Gem: Skagen Klitgaard Beach House


A Nod to Skagen’s Rich History

In the idyllic town of Skagen, Denmark, the Skagen Klitgaard Beach House emerges as a striking symbol of the region’s architectural heritage and natural beauty. Crafted by PAX Architects, this summer home draws from the town’s Black Period, featuring a unique exterior of black timber and a traditional thatched roof reminiscent of the era when shipwreck wood was a hallmark of local construction.

Design with a Purpose: Unity and Serenity

At the heart of the Skagen Klitgaard Beach House’s design is the concept of unity. The home is thoughtfully laid out to foster family togetherness across three generations, offering both communal spaces like the central kitchen and private nooks for individual reflection. A unifying pitched roof reinforces the sense of collective shelter and belonging.

Inclusive Living: A Home for All

The Beach House is a model of inclusivity, featuring an acoustic ceiling to balance the acoustics for lively family gatherings and tranquil solitude. The strategic layout promotes visual connectivity and an ongoing dialogue with the stunning coastal environment outside its walls.

The Heart of the Home: A Kitchen with a View

Recognizing the significance of shared meals, the kitchen stands as the vibrant core of the home. Surrounded by thick oak mullions and vast glass panels, it offers a fluid transition to the outdoors, inviting the landscape in and enriching the living experience with nature’s splendor.

Varied Spaces for Varied Needs

Addressing the diverse requirements of its inhabitants, the Beach House’s ceiling heights vary to distinguish between the intimate and the communal. Spaces like the multipurpose room offer coziness, while open areas encourage social interaction, providing a spectrum of atmospheres under one roof.

Interiors in Harmony with Nature

The interior design, with its soft colors and extensive use of sustainable Douglas fir, melds seamlessly into the natural setting. The tactile, aromatic, and acoustic properties of wood craft a warm and welcoming environment, reinforcing the home’s symbiotic relationship with nature.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The collaboration with Danish company Dinesen underscores a dedication to excellence and sustainability. By sourcing timber responsibly from European forests, the architects have not only created a visually stunning retreat but also ensured its longevity and environmental harmony.