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The Ultimate Road Companion: Introducing the Bean Stock 2.0 Teardrop Trailer

Bean Stock 2.0 Teardrop Trailer

Compact Camping Revolutionized

Teardrop trailers have long been a favorite for road adventurers, offering a unique blend of driveability and livability. Standing out in a crowded market of camping solutions, the new Bean Stock 2.0 emerges as a nimble yet robust option for those seeking to take the path less traveled.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Durability

Bean Trailers, a company established in 2016 by the innovative duo Mark and Brian, has once again set the bar high with their latest creation, the Bean Stock 2.0. This teardrop trailer is a testament to their commitment to durability and minimalist design, allowing travelers to venture to virtually any destination with ease.

Lightweight and Affordable Adventure

The Bean Stock 2.0 boasts three primary advantages that elevate it above other camping rigs: size, weight, and cost. With a fiberglass body weighing in at just 1,175 lbs, this compact trailer remains budget-friendly while its sturdy construction ensures it’s ready for off-road challenges.

Built for the Backcountry

Featuring a one-piece fiberglass shell and composite honeycomb side walls, the Bean Stock 2.0 is designed to handle the toughest terrain. Slim and easily towable by small SUVs, this trailer comes off-road ready with a 2,000-pound HD suspension and 15-inch wheels, with options to upgrade for even greater trailblazing capabilities.

Comfort Meets Convenience

After a day of exploration, the Bean Stock 2.0 welcomes you with a cozy interior centered around a queen-sized mattress and a wide window that bathes the space in natural light. As night falls, warm-toned recessed lighting maintains a comfortable ambiance within the trailer.

Customizable and Colorful

Not only is the Bean Stock 2.0 a rugged and reliable travel companion, but it also offers personalization with a choice of 18 different colors. The entry-level variant starts at an accessible price point of $15,999, with customizable options that can take the final price just over $20,000, ensuring there’s a Bean Stock 2.0 for every adventurer’s budget and style.