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Innovative Dual-Screen Laptop Emerges, But Does It Meet Users’ Needs?


A Novel Concept for Multitaskers

Laptops continue to evolve, with new models aiming to satisfy the diverse requirements of users. A recent laptop design stands out with a feature aimed at artists and multitaskers—a secondary touchscreen beside the keyboard. This addition functions as a mini tablet, enabling users to write and draw directly on the device. The concept is intriguing, but the practicality for the intended audience may fall short.

Not the First Rodeo

The idea isn’t entirely new. Lenovo introduced the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 at CES 2022, boasting a similar dual-screen feature. It was marketed as an ideal tool for those who juggle multiple tasks, providing an extra screen for notes or creative projects. However, the execution was less than perfect, and the steep $2,000 launch price made it a gamble for the most daring consumers.

A Chinese Challenger Enters the Fray

Chinese manufacturer Topton has released the Topton L10, a 15.6-inch laptop mirroring Lenovo’s dual-screen setup. This model shifts the keyboard to the left to accommodate a 7-inch touchscreen that doubles as a secondary monitor. The laptop is compatible with a stylus, though it’s sold separately, and it’s unclear if it matches the pressure sensitivity that digital professionals expect.

Specifications That May Disappoint

The Topton L10 differs significantly from its Lenovo predecessor in terms of hardware. It’s equipped with an Intel Celeron N5095 processor, which is on the lower end of performance yet boasts energy efficiency. With only 16GB of memory, it barely meets the minimum for creative software and multitasking. Both screens offer lower resolutions, which could be a dealbreaker for art and design work. On the upside, it includes RGB keyboard backlighting, stereo speakers, and a fingerprint scanner—unexpected features at this price level. However, outdated Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity limit the laptop’s potential.

Attractive Price, But at What Cost?

Starting at just $329 for a model with a 128GB SSD, the Topton L10’s price is appealing, but the storage capacity is notably insufficient for a Windows 11 system. While the price may catch the eye of budget-conscious shoppers, the overall offering suggests that this dual-screen laptop is more of a novelty than a practical tool for professionals with high standards.