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Revolutionizing Comfort: The Sustainable Chair Made from Plants

Revolutionizing Comfort: The Sustainable Chair Made from Plants

The Dawn of Eco-Friendly Seating

When it comes to our homes, chairs are more than just a place to sit—they're a daily companion for work, meals, and relaxation. Recognizing this, the innovative Mat Chair by Normann Copenhagen is redefining what it means to sit in style and sustainability. This isn't just any chair; it's a statement of comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Plant-Based Innovation

In a groundbreaking collaboration, designers Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen and furniture titan Normann Copenhagen have introduced a plant-based chair collection. Premiered at Stockholm Design Week, this collection features two distinct chairs, one crafted from hemp and another from a blend of hemp and eelgrass, each offering a green alternative to conventional materials.

Two Decades of Hemp Research

The journey to these chairs began roughly 20 years ago, with Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen pioneering the use of hemp in furniture design. "The hemp material we have developed…is more responsible, a lot sturdier, and with a higher aesthetic appeal than any of the previous prototypes," Hiort-Lorenzen remarked, underscoring the uniqueness of their creation.

A Collaboration for Change

Teaming up with Danish Technological Institute's hemp experts, the designers crafted the chair shells from hemp stems—commonly discarded by farms—rather than leaves. The innovative process involves milling hemp and eelgrass fibers, transforming them into a sheet material, and shaping them with a custom compression machine. A bio-based binder ensures the chairs are not just eco-friendly but also easily recyclable.

Commitment to Recyclability

At the heart of this project lies a commitment to sustainability. "The idea of using a bio-based binder is appealing since it’s a natural material and would reduce the use of oil," explained Søren Stryhn Petersen, Normann Copenhagen's chief technology officer. The team's dedication to creating a recyclable product has been paramount from the start, ensuring that comfort doesn't come at the expense of the environment.