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Meet the FlipGo: The Sleek, Affordable Alternative to Expensive VR Headsets


Affordable Multitasking Solution

While the metaverse may offer the allure of virtual multitasking with pricey headsets, the FlipGo from JSAUX presents a practical, real-world alternative. This dual-monitor setup mimics a super-slim laptop and allows you to triple your screen real estate in seconds, connecting to your laptop or PC with a single cable. With a starting price of $329, it’s a budget-friendly option compared to the $3500 Apple Vision Pro headset.

Design and Portability

The FlipGo stands out with its sleek design, offering two sizes for optimal screen space without the bulk. Weighing between 1.1 and 1.6 kg, the 13.5-inch and 16-inch models boast high-quality displays, 2.2K and 2.5K resolutions respectively, and a 100% sRGB color gamut for vibrant visuals. The 60Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth viewing experience.

Innovative Magnetic Design

Functionality meets flexibility with the FlipGo’s magnetic design, allowing for easy switching between dual and triple-screen modes. A range of stands and mounting accessories, including a magnetic VESA Stand attachment, caters to various professional needs, from spreadsheet mavens to creative designers.

Connectivity and Ergonomics

The FlipGo doesn’t skimp on connectivity, featuring USB-C and Mini HDMI ports, as well as DisplayPort MST for Windows and DisplayLink for Macs. Its ergonomic design includes multiple stand options, from the portable Flex Folio to the Snap VESA Adapter, offering users the perfect viewing angle.

Pro and Standard Tiers

With Pro and Standard tiers, the FlipGo tailors to different user preferences. The Pro variant includes UltraView mode and DisplayLink support, while the Standard tier offers an optional touchscreen upgrade. Both tiers maintain the same visual quality, and prices start at $329 for the 13.5-inch model, going up to $479 for the 16-inch. Customers can also count on a 12-month warranty, lifetime support, and international shipping set to begin in May 2024.

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