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Revolutionary Beeswax Chess Set Ignites New Passion for the Classic Game

Beeswax Chess

The Evolution of Chess Sets

Chess, a timeless game with centuries of history, has seen its fair share of innovation. From sleek, modern designs to tech-enhanced versions, chess sets have been crafted from a myriad of materials, each bringing a unique touch to the iconic game. Yet, despite these advancements, many chess aficionados find that their sets lose their charm over time. The once-coveted pieces become too familiar, and the desire to engage in the strategic battle wanes.

Rekindling the Chess Spark

When the allure of your chess set fades, it’s time for a change. Take a moment to consider an eco-friendly option for your next set. The Sydney-based candle manufacturer FAUM has introduced a novel concept that’s catching the attention of chess enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike: a beeswax chess set designed to disappear without leaving a trace.

FAUM’s Eco-Conscious Design

FAUM has built a reputation for its innovative approach to beeswax candles, minimizing environmental impact and celebrating natural beauty. Their latest creation transforms beeswax into a fully functional chess set, complete with sculptural pieces that captivate until they’re eventually burned down in the wake of victory or defeat.

A Game of Light and Strategy

While the thought of playing with candles may raise eyebrows, the beeswax chess set offers a dramatic twist on the traditional game. Players must navigate the burning wicks of their pieces, aiming to outmaneuver their opponent on a standard 64-square board. The board, requiring assembly at home, measures approximately 16 x 16 inches, providing a substantial battlefield for the waxy warriors.

Handcrafted from Pure Beeswax

The set’s 32 pieces, each standing 2 to 3 inches tall, are hand-poured using beeswax sourced from independent beekeepers in Northern New South Wales. FAUM ensures that the beeswax is harvested without disturbing the natural activities of the beehives. The pieces sport the natural hues of beeswax: light ivory and dark yellow, distinguished by the type of flowers the bees feed on.

A Sustainable Chess Experience

As the game progresses, the beeswax pieces will inevitably melt away. However, FAUM provides beeswax refills, allowing players to replenish their sets and continue the battle. The add-ons are available for AUD 20, while the complete chess set is priced at AUD 880. Whether you’re engaging in the fiery gameplay or simply displaying the set as a conversation piece, this beeswax chess set promises to be a striking addition to any room.

A Gift of Light and Strategy

If the idea of a chess game with a fiery twist intrigues you, or if you’re searching for a unique gift, the beeswax chess set from FAUM is an option that offers both aesthetic pleasure and a sustainable choice. It’s a way to enjoy the classic game with a new sense of purpose and passion.