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Revolutionary Portable Chess Set Redefines On-the-Go Strategy Games

Revolutionary Portable Chess Set Redefines On-the-Go Strategy Games

Chess On The Move

Chess enthusiasts often face a dilemma when trying to enjoy their favorite strategy game outside the comfort of their home. Whether it's at the office or during travel, traditional chess sets are not the most travel-friendly companions. However, the quest for a stylish and portable chess solution may just have been met with the introduction of the Hyde Chess set.

Designer Innovation

Conceived by designer Sofia Gegunde, the Hyde Chess set marries practicality with a sleek aesthetic. Ditching conventional chess piece designs, this set features uniquely circular pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queens, and kings. Each piece is crafted to fit neatly into a compact and portable box, with the exception of the slightly taller king and queen.

Storage Meets Style

Organization is a breeze with the Hyde Chess set. A cylindrical holder is built into the set for storing pieces when not in battle, and the board itself is equipped with special slots to keep the pieces securely in place during play. The result is a chess set that not only looks different but is designed for stability and ease of use.

Game Time Anytime

Transitioning from storage to gameplay is as simple as unfolding the board and setting up the pieces. The Hyde Chess set's design allows for a quick assembly, inviting players to engage in a match whenever the mood strikes. The pieces are precision-made with a CNC router, while the wooden elements boast guatambu and dark cedro materials, adding a touch of elegance.

Easy Learning Curve

Despite the innovative circular design, the essence of traditional chess pieces is retained, making it easy for players to learn and adapt to this new set. With its potential for production and sale, the Hyde Chess set is poised to become an ideal gift for chess lovers and might even tempt the uninitiated to join in on the timeless game.