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The Future of Eyewear: Introducing Glass Lenses for Crystal Clear Vision

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The Surprising Truth About Your Sunglasses

Believe it or not, those stylish sunglasses you’re sporting are likely not made of glass. Despite their high price tags, many shades on the market today are crafted from plastic or resin to meet safety standards, often at the cost of optical quality. But what if you could have both durability and crystal-clear vision? Enter the world of modern eyewear, where the first sunglasses with real glass lenses are making a splash.

Meet the Innovator: Ilija Melentijevic

The brain behind this groundbreaking development in sunglasses technology is none other than Ilija Melentijevic, PhD, the founder of Kolari Vision. With a mission to enhance your visual experience, these new sunglasses are designed to deliver unparalleled clarity and protection without breaking the bank.

Why Your Current Sunglasses May Fall Short

Traditional sunglasses may shield your eyes from UV rays, but most fall short when it comes to blocking infrared light, which can also damage your precious eyes. It’s a strange oversight, considering the availability of IR-blocking technology for high-end camera lenses. The time has come for our eyes to receive the same level of care and protection.

Kolari Shades: A Revolution in Eyewear

Kolari Shades are turning heads with their innovative glass lenses, crafted from the ultra-durable Corning Gorilla Glass—yes, the same material safeguarding your smartphone screen. These lenses are not only tough but come with a whopping 51 layers of coatings to resist scratches, dirt, and smudges, ensuring your view remains pristine.

Protection Meets Color Accuracy

But it’s not just about clarity. Kolari Shades go the extra mile by offering comprehensive protection from both UV and infrared light, all while maintaining true-to-life color perception. They even help maintain your privacy by thwarting IR-based facial recognition systems. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without compromising on visual quality or eye safety.

Style and Strength Combined

With frames made from titanium and the renowned Corning Gorilla Glass lenses, Kolari Shades are built to last. Despite the high-quality materials and manufacturing costs, these shades come at a price point that’s competitive with luxury brands that use inferior plastic lenses.

Why Settle for Less?

Why continue to compromise with subpar sunglasses that can strain your eyes over time? Kolari Shades offer a superior alternative, providing the benefits of real glass lenses—durability, clarity, and protection—in a stylish package that won’t distort the world’s vibrant colors.