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The Future of Delivery: Bigger Drones on the Horizon

Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery: From Sci-Fi to Reality

While for many the idea of drone delivery remains a scene from a science fiction film, it’s becoming an everyday reality in some parts of the world. Alphabet’s Wing, the drone delivery branch of the tech giant, is already making waves across three continents with over 350,000 deliveries to date. Now, they’re setting their sights on expansion with a new, larger drone model designed to make deliveries even more efficient.

Meet the New Heavy Lifter

The latest addition to the Wing fleet is yet to be named, but it’s set to make a significant impact. With the ability to carry double the payload of its predecessor, this new drone will eliminate the need for multiple drones on larger deliveries. This upgrade comes in response to data showing that 30% of U.S. orders currently require more than one drone trip. This innovation aims to cut costs for consumers and streamline company logistics.

Enhanced Capabilities

Alphabet’s new drone model boasts the ability to carry up to 5 pounds over 12-mile flights, cruising at a speed of 65 mph. Despite the increased payload capacity, the drone maintains the same range and speed as the original Wing drone, which could carry up to 2.5 pounds. The new drone will also feature the same vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, coupled with precision hovering and fixed-wing cruising.

Expanding the Wing Delivery Network

As the Wing delivery service continues to grow, more individuals and businesses are expected to adopt this futuristic delivery method. With advancements in computer tracking, the drones are now capable of completing longer routes with minimal human intervention. The upcoming larger drone will further enhance the network’s ability to handle heavier loads, catering to the needs of customers requiring bulkier deliveries.

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