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Introducing GoChip: The Sleek, Smart Solution to Keep Tabs on Your Pets

GPS dog collar

The Struggle of Pet Parenting Simplified

For pet owners, the fear of losing a beloved animal companion is all too real. Traditional methods of pet identification, like collars and tags, are prone to getting lost or becoming outdated. The anxiety of tracking down a missing pet is an emotional burden no one wants to experience. Enter GoChip – the digital passport for your pet that promises to alleviate the stress of pet management with a simple, stylish solution.

Revolutionizing Pet Safety and Style

ANCORD Design Co has taken on the challenge to transform pet safety with their innovative product, GoChip. This isn’t just a tracker; it’s a fashion statement, drawing on the sleek aesthetics of Japanese minimalism and the laid-back cool of Bali and Goa. With GoChip, your pet is not only safe but also sporting the latest in pet tech fashion.

High Stakes for Furry Companions

The statistics are startling: over 10 million pets go missing in the U.S. every year, and a staggering 65% never return home. While GoChip is designed to attach to a collar and could potentially be lost, it represents a significant advancement over traditional tags, offering a more secure way to ensure your pet is “Always Found.”

ANCORD Design’s Visionary Approach

The team at ANCORD Design didn’t just create a product; they embarked on a mission to redefine pet safety. Through extensive research and analysis of existing tracking products, they pinpointed the unique niche GoChip could fill. The result is a product that’s not only practical but also environmentally conscious, using materials like silicone and ocean plastics that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Sustainable, Functional, and Fashion-Forward

Choosing materials that could withstand the rigors of pet adventures while maintaining a fashionable look was crucial. The designers’ commitment to sustainability led them to select 3D printing for manufacturing, minimizing waste and maximizing material efficiency. The final product is a testament to their dedication to both form and function.

Collaborative Design for the Perfect Pet Accessory

The development of GoChip was a collaborative effort, with each design refinement informed by client feedback. This ensured that every aspect of the product was deliberate and in line with the overarching vision of keeping pets safe in style. The final design includes a tracker and a QR code, providing all the necessary information at the touch of a button.

Conclusion: A New Era of Pet Management

GoChip is more than just a tracker; it’s a revolution in pet care. It’s a statement that says you’re a responsible pet parent who values both safety and style. With GoChip, you can rest easy knowing your pet is secure, stylish, and just a scan away from being found.