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BeTriton unveils first affordable solution of a boat, camper, and trailer in one to tow behind your e-bike

There are some who conceive an idea, build on it, and sit back and relax on the royalty. Then, there are others who gather feedback and set out to recreate what the people really want. Aigars Lauzis of BeTriton – formally Z-Triton – is from the league of recreators. Thriving on the success of the sustainable adventure partner, BeTriton 2.0 released in Spring 2023, designed for uninterrupted journey on land and water; the adventuring builder is back with a new camper/trailer for your electric bike. This would let you camp on land and water again with equal convenience.

An exciting and practical combination of a boat + camper + trailer, the BeTriton e-bike trailer is not starkly different from what we got with the full-fledged BeTriton 2.0. In fact, it strips down some unnecessary elements – identified on consumer feedback – and retains the cabin to still accommodate two people and a dog. The significant change here is an option for e-bike owners to use their standard bike, instead of an integrated variant, to tow the trailer on land.

Designer: BeTriton

The more affordable and flexible BeTriton trailer also carries on with the most beloved, core functionality: boating, users wanted the company to carry forward with, when the BeTriton 2.0 was rented out during the summer for trails. The flexible towing design allows various e-bike variants to be used as hauling ride for the trailer that was unveiled at the Nexpo Exhibition in Tallinn.

According to the information shared in a YouTube video, the BeTriton Trailer is an affordable and convenient adventure camper and boat. Unbolting four bolts, the users can remove the wheels and get into the super fun electric boating mode. Rear wheels can even fold up on the buoyant floats if you don’t want to make the extra effort. 24-inch wheels are used in the trike contraption of the trailer, which can connect through a simple mechanism to the bike seat post when you are up for the road journey.

The cabin maintains the structural integrity and interiors of the predecessor yet it is highly customizable to give users the tailored convenience for the journey. There is an electronic Lift System for the motor, on the front, and the cabin can be used in open configuration with just the windscreen or covered up with PVC cover to weatherproof the cabin. And when you are riding on an unbeaten path, you can also have an aluminum frame installed for a full cabin look.

There is no information, at the time of writing, about the battery power or range of the BeTriton trailer. What we readily know is the trailer camper can make space to store your foldable electric bike, but if you don’t have a foldable one, the company may soon have a mount so you can carry the bike onboard when you go floating on the water. The initial variant of the e-bike trailer is ready for production with worldwide limited edition delivery expected in the summer of 2024.

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