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Mexico’s Casa Wabi Unveils New Architectural Marvel: The Orchid Pavilion

Mexicos Casa Wabi Unveils New Architectural Marvel: The Orchid Pavilion

Art Meets Architecture

At the heart of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a new architectural wonder has taken root. The Orchid Pavilion, a creation by Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica (CCA), stands as a testament to innovative design, commissioned by the esteemed art institute Casa Wabi. This remarkable structure is set to complement the iconic Tadao Ando-designed center that lies at its core.

A Vision in Wood and Water

The pavilion presents a striking visual with its rose-colored sunken walkway, flanked by benches and interspersed with gravel. Above, an A-shaped wooden canopy stretches over the path, while horizontal wooden slats adorn the pavilion's facade. In a marriage of form and function, clay basins sit atop the structure, collecting rainwater that filters down, nourishing the environment and creating a natural drip-irrigation system.

Eco-Friendly Design

CCA describes the pavilion as "a simple and austere machine" designed to sustain itself. The collected water keeps the clay trays moist, allowing the orchids to hydrate directly from the humid air, bypassing the need for manual watering. This self-sustaining feature is a nod to both the ingenuity of the design and the resilience of nature.

A Fusion of Cultures

The construction of the Orchid Pavilion reflects a blend of Japanese sensibility with the craftsmanship of local artisans. Utilizing materials sourced from the surrounding area, the pavilion also incorporates hanging vases filled with locally curated orchids, adding a living element to the wooden edifice. A small basin with a faucet offers a tranquil spot for visitors to hydrate alongside the flowers.

A Sanctuary for the Senses

CCA notes that the sound of water dripping into the bowls harmonizes with the rhythms of nature and human presence. Designed as a "cool, semi-submerged space," the pavilion invites guests to immerse themselves in the lush diversity of orchid species, connect with the natural world, and find respite under its life-giving roof.