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Introducing ELVI: The Urban Birdhouse Game with a Sustainable Twist

Introducing ELVI: The Urban Birdhouse Game with a Sustainable Twist

Collaboration Unveils Eco-Friendly Design

In a unique partnership, Mano de Santo and French design atelier Tarkett have unveiled ELVI, an urban birdhouse game with a sustainable edge. This creation is not just a nod to design innovation but also a tool for interactive learning and fostering relationships with our feathered city dwellers.

ELVI: A New Breed of Birdhouse

ELVI is shaking up the birdhouse game with its unparalleled adaptability. Designed to fit into any urban setting, from streetlights to balconies, ELVI marries functionality with aesthetics. Its modular design invites city dwellers to become urban designers, offering a customizable and personal touch to birdhouse assembly.

More Than Just a Pretty Nest

ELVI isn't just about enhancing urban landscapes with its good looks; it's a mission-driven project that educates on the virtues of linoleum. This everyday material, found in places from schools to hospitals, is transformed into a statement of art and a daily reminder of the importance of sustainable living practices.

Educational Impact of DIY Sustainability

By encouraging hands-on assembly, ELVI serves as an educational tool, teaching the value of reusing materials like linoleum and promoting environmental responsibility. It's a practical demonstration of Tarkett's commitment to material recovery and reuse, inspiring users to make eco-friendly choices.

A Symbol of Coexistence and Responsibility

ELVI goes beyond ornamental value, becoming an emblem of conscientious living and coexistence with nature in urban environments. It stands as a testament to the possibility of integrating sustainable practices into our daily lives, even amidst the hustle and bustle of city living.

Tech Tangles and Feline Havens

While ELVI offers an affordable way to engage with sustainability, we acknowledge the contrasting technological frustrations, such as the high costs of advanced tech like the Apple Vision Pro headset and the all-too-familiar annoyance of tangled cables. Amidst these tech challenges, we also recognize the simple joys of places like 'Tristy of the CATS', a cat cafe in Shanghai that provides a haven for cats and humans alike.

Innovation in Product Design

From the hands-on appeal of ELVI to the cutting-edge features of the latest cameras showcased at CES, innovation continues to drive the product design industry forward. Our commitment is to keep you informed on the latest and greatest in international product design, with a keen eye on what the future holds.

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