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Pac-Man Ghosts Of Christmas Past Ugly Christmas Sweater

An officially licensed piece of Bandai Namco merchandise, the Ghosts Of Christmas Past Ugly Christmas Sweater, available from Merchoid, features everybody’s favorite dot-munching giant yellow mouth Pac-Man, as well as ghosts Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange). They call it an ugly Christmas sweater, but that’s really doing it a disservice because there’s nothing ugly about it. It’s absolute beauty in its purest form.

Available in sizes XS – XXXXL, the woven sweater is 100% acrylic and includes a level in the shape of a Christmas tree, as well as some snowflakes (including Pac-Man eating some on the sleeves), and WAKA WAKA WAKA around the shoulders and elbows. I still can’t get over somebody actually calling this ugly. Do they even have eyes?

Just to be clear, if you wear this to a Christmas party and win the ugly sweater contest it was strictly due to the nostalgia the sweater evokes and not because it’s ugly. Because it’s not. It belongs in a museum right next to the Cross of Coronado that Indiana Jones is always after.

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