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Cactus Plunger and Toilet Bowl Brush: Howdy Do, Partner?

Because a wild west themed bathroom is only as good as its plunger and toilet brush set, ALLOBUB is selling this cactus duo on Amazon (affiliate link) to really tie your desert-inspired baño together. I love it. Now I just need a toilet paper holder that looks like a revolver and a sign above it for the OK Corral, and my guest bathroom will be complete.

The cactus plunger and toilet bowl brush are the same size as the commonly used non-cactus version, the plunger features an extendable flange for tough plunging jobs, and the brush’s head can be screwed off and replaced with a new one if the need arises. That’s a nice feature because I do plan on keeping these for life.

I’ve always been more of a seashore-themed bathroom kind of guy, but I must admit the Wild West is a tempting theme. Cowboys, horses, saloons – the possibilities are practically limitless. As far as I can see, the only problem with a Wild West-themed bathroom is convincing my wife it’s a good idea. That sounds like an uphill battle, and possibly straight up.

[via DudeIWantThat]

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