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Meet the Tagimals: The Adorable AirTag Cases Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Meet the Tagimals: The Adorable AirTag Cases Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Child Safety Meets Cute Design

Introducing the Tagimals, the latest innovation that blends adorable design with practical parenting. These AirTag cases, designed by Speck, are not just charming accessories; they're a potential lifesaver for parents wanting to keep an eye on their children. With unique characters and names, each Tagimal holds an Apple AirTag, transforming it from a simple item tracker to a child and pet locator.

Fun Choices for Kids and Pets

Available in four delightful styles, Tagimals offer kids the joy of choosing their favorite animal to wear on their shoes, similar to the popular Crocs Charms. Whether it's the friendly 'Milo' the dog, the cozy 'Mittens' the cat, the fiery 'Blaze' the dragon, or the magical 'Tink' the unicorn, there's a Tagimal for every child's taste. Parents can easily attach these trackers to laced or velcro shoes, and even pet collars, ensuring their loved ones are always within reach.

Easy to Use and Swap

Securing an AirTag to a Tagimal is a breeze. A simple push and a 'click' is all it takes to keep the AirTag in place. When it's time for a change, press down on the silicone face, and the AirTag pops out, ready to be swapped for another character. This versatility means that children can express themselves by choosing a different animal companion for each day.

Affordable and Functional

The Tagimals set, which includes all four animal characters, is priced at an affordable $34.95. This cost-effective solution is not only easier on the wallet compared to Apple's own AirTag holder, but it also provides additional value for parents and pet owners who will find the tracking function extremely useful.

More Than Just Music and Phones

While digital music and smartphones dominate today's tech landscape, innovations like the Tagimals remind us that technology can also bring peace of mind to families. It's a testament to the thoughtful and efficient design principles that make products like these more than just gadgets—they become part of our daily lives, keeping what's precious to us safe and sound.

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