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Renault Revs Up Nostalgia with Electric R5 E-Tech Debut

Renault Revs Up Nostalgia with Electric R5 E-Tech Debut

Classic Meets Contemporary

Renault is stirring up the automotive world with the revival of the legendary R5 hatchback. Dubbed the Renault 5 E-Tech, this retro-futuristic sports car is gearing up to dazzle at the Geneva International Motor Show in February 2024. The original R5's charm is reborn in this eco-friendly electric model, retaining the spirit of the 70s while embracing modern-day sensibilities.

Design Evolution

While the new R5 E-Tech retains its predecessor's fun factor, it sports noticeable updates such as bolder wheel arches, a boxier frame, and a sleek soft-top roof. The classic bonnet air intake now cleverly doubles as a charging port, and the vehicle boasts LED lighting that brings its logo and front accents to life.

Electric Powerhouse

The electric reincarnation is a five-door powerhouse equipped with a 100-kW motor, pushing out 136 horsepower. It impresses with a range of 400 km on a full charge, promising to keep the R5's legacy alive in the electric era. Initially presented as a concept in 2021, the R5 E-Tech is now on the fast track to production.

A Star Reborn

Collaborating with French designer Pierre Gonalons, Renault crafted the R5 Diamant, a stepping stone to the 5 E-Tech's current acclaim. With production set to commence at the Douai plant in France, the R5 E-Tech is expected to hit the European market next summer with an approximate price of $27,636.

Get in Line

Eager enthusiasts can pre-book the Renault 5 E-Tech today, and depending on its success, Renault may introduce Super5 and R5 Turbo variants. This announcement reflects Renault's confidence in the model's potential to capture the hearts of modern drivers.

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