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Innovative Architecture: A New Take on Community Living in South Korea

Innovative Architecture: A New Take on Community Living in South Korea

AOA Architects Unveils Unique Concrete Dwellings

In the serene landscapes of Gangwon-do, South Korea, a Seoul-based studio, AOA Architects, has crafted a remarkable set of concrete dwellings named 'Hoji Gangneung'. This architectural marvel consists of a family house, three guesthouses, and a communal building, all interconnected by a striking circular path. The design showcases a fresh approach to community living, blending innovative planning with the beauty of the countryside.

Diverse Designs for Distinct Experiences

Among the four residences, the 'Round House' stands out with its semi-circular end, while another boasts an octagonal design complete with a central courtyard. The remaining two homes and the communal space adopt rectangular layouts, each with their own unique roof styles. The communal building features a mono-pitch roof, and one of the rectangular homes is adorned with a classic gable roof. The 'Long House' is particularly notable for its gable roof with a raised center and an inviting skylight that bathes the interior in natural light. AOA Architects' principal, Jaewon Suh, emphasizes that each structure has its individual charm, offering guests a variety of experiences through the interplay of light and shadow.

Rustic Inspiration Meets Modern Innovation

The design of Hoji Gangneung draws inspiration from traditional countryside buildings such as warehouses and cabins. AOA Architects aspired to create a space that resonates with the rural environment while also introducing a novel and contemporary aesthetic. According to Jaewon Suh, the design aims to present both the familiar and the unfamiliar, with each building invoking different images and associations without being confined to a single interpretation.

Concrete and Metal: A Symphony of Materials

All the buildings are constructed using textured concrete, crowned with corrugated metal roofs. The communal building, in particular, exposes its concrete framework and features grand glass doors along one wall. These doors open up to the concrete walkway, offering sweeping views of the surrounding structures and the picturesque countryside.

With Hoji Gangneung, AOA Architects have redefined what community living can look like, providing a harmonious blend of individuality and togetherness in a setting that's both innovative and intimately connected to the natural environment.

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