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Design Intelligence Award 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Impact in Design

Design Intelligence Award 2023

Awarding Creative Excellence

As the year 2023 winds down, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) celebrates the most innovative and impactful designs of the year. The DIA, initiated by the China Academy of Art, recognizes products that significantly improve our lives. The award, which is free to enter, undergoes a rigorous three-phase evaluation process to highlight designs with substantial benefits for humanity. With a goal to foster global connections, the DIA also strengthens the Global East’s impact on the global design stage. A substantial prize fund of ¥5 million RMB (approximately $704,600 USD) is dedicated to turning exceptional ideas into reality.

International Jury Selects Top Innovators

An international panel of experts from 37 countries selects 30 groundbreaking projects that stand out for their innovation and societal impact. Winners share the ¥5 million RMB prize fund, with the top project receiving ¥1 million RMB. They are also invited to the DIA Award Ceremony for networking opportunities and attend D-WILL expert lectures. This recognition includes a PR campaign to bring their work to a broader audience. Among the top trends in the 2023 awards are personal robots, prosthetics, electric vehicles (EVs), and a decline in self-driving technology.

Transformative Prosthetics and E-Bikes

The BrainRobotics Mini Hand, a Gold Award Winner, integrates artificial intelligence into prosthetics for a natural and intuitive experience, eliminating the need for physical controls. The LEMMO one electric bike by Hypaths Gmbh and Springtime Design features a detachable battery for easy charging and maintenance, enhancing its longevity and versatility for both city commutes and leisure rides.

The World’s First Glasses-Free 3D Tablet

The nubia Pad 3D by ZTE Corporation is an AI-powered 3D tablet that allows for glasses-free 3D viewing, offering an adaptable and immersive experience with its advanced display technology and AI face tracking.

Sustainable Burial with the Loop Living Cocoon

The Loop Living Cocoon is a biodegradable coffin made from mycelium and hemp fibers, designed to turn a decomposing body into nutrients for plants, improving soil quality and accelerating decomposition.

Luxury Meets Off-Road Performance

BYD Company Limited’s yangwang U8 combines luxury with off-road prowess, featuring the ability to float on water and perform a 360° tank turn, highlighting its impressive capabilities and range.

AI-Enhanced Webcam for Superior Interaction

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 uses AI technology and a 3-axis gimbal for enhanced video quality and subject tracking, offering a versatile tool for various digital communication needs.

Timeless Beauty in Cosmetics

A series of lipsticks inspired by hourglasses and designed like jewelry, with a body that reflects light and adds a touch of luxury to the beauty routine.

Seiko’s Musical Timekeeping Innovation

The Seiko Metronome Watch SMW series is a unique analog metronome watch that caters to musicians with a design that blends precision timekeeping and musical functionality.

Projector Technology Reimagined for Home Entertainment

The JMGO N1 Ultra breaks the mold of traditional projectors, offering a user-focused design that adapts to various home environments and activities with its integrated gimbal and environmental sensing.

Traditional Board Game Meets Modern AI

The SenseRobot elevates the game of Go with advanced AI, offering a digital experience compatible with online platforms and catering to all skill levels.

The Rise of Personal Mobility Devices

E-scooters, hoverboards, and similar personal mobility devices are gaining popularity, offering new ways for commuters to navigate urban landscapes.

Advancements in Night Vision Technology

Night vision has evolved significantly, now featuring improved visibility, color reproduction, and clarity, extending beyond its military origins to more civilian applications.