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Next-Gen Sunglasses Offer More Than Just UV Protection

Next-Gen Sunglasses Offer More Than Just UV Protection

Blocking Infrared and Facial Recognition

While most sunglasses offer UV protection, they fall short when it comes to shielding your eyes from infrared rays. Kolari Vision is stepping up the game with sunglasses designed to block up to 99% of infrared light, safeguarding not only your eyes from the sun but also your privacy from facial recognition technology.

Why Infrared Matters

Infrared rays, invisible to the human eye, can have cumulative harmful effects. Traditional sunglasses may leave your eyes vulnerable, especially when they dilate in bright conditions. Kolari's innovative approach to eyewear aims to fill this gap, offering comprehensive protection for what they refer to as the "original human cameras" – our eyes.

Advanced Protection with Style

Kolari Shades aren't just about safety; they are also about style and comfort. With a design that rivals any fashionable brand, these shades promise a "breath of fresh air for your eyes," minimizing eye fatigue without compromising on clarity or color neutrality.

Health and Privacy Benefits

The dual benefits of Kolari Shades extend beyond health. By blocking infrared rays, they also prevent cameras from capturing your facial recognition data, offering an additional layer of privacy in an increasingly surveilled world.

Quality Craftsmanship

Distinct from typical plastic lenses, Kolari Shades boast actual glass lenses made from Corning Gorilla Glass. This choice ensures a clearer, more accurate view of the world, free from the distortions common in lower-quality materials.

Durability Meets Technology

It's not just the lenses that are built to last. The frames of Kolari Shades are crafted from titanium, promising durability that's on par with the latest smartphones. With a variety of tints and finishes, these glasses are as robust as they are fashionable.

Time-Limited Offer

For those looking to step up their eyewear game with advanced protection and style, Kolari Shades are available at a competitive price. But act fast – this offer is ticking down quickly!

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