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Analogue Pocket Classic: A Colorful Retro Revival of the Game Boy Color

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Analogue's Retro Gaming Handheld Takes a Modern Twist

Analogue, a designer known for recreating retro gaming consoles, has taken a modern twist with its latest creation, the Analogue Pocket. This handheld device aims to satisfy gamers of all ages while staying true to the essence of the iconic Game Boy Color.

A Vibrant Palette of Colors

The "Classic" edition of the Analogue Pocket adds a colorful paint job to the device, giving it a vibrant character. With a palette that includes Indigo, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Silver, Analogue has color-matched these hues to the original Game Boy Color models.

A Faithful Recreation of the Game Boy Color

The Analogue Pocket Classic captures the spirit of the Game Boy Color with its accurate colors and overall design. While paying homage to the original, it also addresses the limitations of the past and adds modern capabilities.

A Disappointing End

Unfortunately, all variants of the Analogue Pocket, including the Classic edition, are now sold out. It remains uncertain if these devices will ever return to shelves, leaving collectors eagerly awaiting any potential news in the future.

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