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Introducing the Long Shed: A Modern Off-The-Grid Tiny Home

Introducing the Long Shed: A Modern Off-The-Grid Tiny Home

Compact Living with a Connection to Nature

Embracing the tiny home movement, the Long Shed offers a unique blend of compact living and a deep connection to the outdoors. Designed with an open layout, this single-floor abode extends its living space to the outside world with a sliding glass door and an inviting deck.

Mobile and Spacious

Despite its portability, the Long Shed doesn't skimp on space. Built on a triple-axle trailer, the structure stretches 35 feet in length and 10 feet in width. Transporting this sizable home requires a large truck, adhering to UK towing laws, but once on-site, it can be easily maneuvered into its final position. For those seeking greater mobility, a road-towable version is on the horizon.

Stylish and Secure Exterior

The Long Shed's exterior boasts a stylish corrugated tin finish with a rubberized coating, complemented by an abundance of windows that let in natural light while offering the option to secure the home with sliding shutters. The approach to the home is made convenient with a stowable gangway and a rear entrance, leading to an outdoor deck that enhances the living space.

Smart and Sustainable Features

Inside, the bathroom sits conveniently next to the kitchen, complete with a shower, a composting toilet, and a strategically placed sink. The design prioritizes airflow to minimize odors, ensuring a comfortable living environment. The bedroom is spacious enough to allow guests to stand comfortably, featuring a bed and a stable-style door for additional access.

Off-The-Grid Ready

The Long Shed is fully equipped for an off-the-grid lifestyle, powered by four 415-W solar panels and two 12-V batteries. A substantial 725-liter water storage system supplies the taps, shower, and water heater, ensuring self-sufficiency for residents seeking a sustainable living solution.

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