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Levitating Xbox Controller Takes Flight for Dune: Part 2 Release

Levitating Xbox Controller Takes Flight for Dune: Part 2 Release

Defying Gravity

There's something inherently fascinating about objects that defy gravity, and a levitating Xbox controller is no exception. This floating wonder has caught our attention as it hovers effortlessly, sparking both awe and curiosity about its inner workings.

Special Edition for Dune Fans

In celebration of the upcoming release of "Dune: Part 2" on March 1, Microsoft has unveiled a special edition Xbox controller that seems to float in mid-air. Touted as the world's first floating Xbox controller, it's a unique piece that's sure to excite collectors and fans alike. The design takes inspiration from the Ornithopter's hovering capabilities in the "Dune" universe, offering fans a chance to bring a piece of Arrakis into their homes.

How Does It Float?

The levitating spectacle is achieved through the controller's resting on a stand, with the exact mechanism shrouded in mystery. While Microsoft hasn't disclosed the secret, it's speculated that magnets create the captivating illusion, supported by a sand-colored base that adds to the thematic allure.

Custom Design Details

The controller isn't just about levitation; it boasts a custom finish adorned with the movie logo and thematic symbols. The Xbox Series S console also gets a makeover, featuring a design that reflects the vastness of the Arrakis desert, complete with a Dune-themed Ornithopter Stand for full immersion.

Join the Sweepstakes

Eager to get your hands on this collector's item? Microsoft is running a sweepstakes competition where you could win this exclusive controller. Check out the official rules and eligibility details on their platform, with the entry period open until March 25.

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