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Historic Chinese Train Station Reborn as Modern Marvel

Historic Chinese Train Station Reborn as Modern Marvel

A Century-Old Station Transformed

China has witnessed the rebirth of a historic train station, now a sprawling modern transport hub. The century-old Jiaxing Train Station, originally built in 1907, has undergone a complete transformation by the innovative MAD Architects, who reconstructed the station brick-by-brick into a partially underground facility.

Preserving History with a Modern Twist

The Jiaxing Train Station, also known as the Train Station in the Forest, has a storied past with multiple reconstructions over the years. The latest renovation by MAD Architects pays homage to its historical significance. By consulting experts and analyzing historical photos and documents, the firm meticulously replicated the original structure using 21,000 mud bricks sourced from a nearby lake.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Experience

MAD Architects aimed to create a station that outshines its predecessor in both functionality and user experience. The station's design promotes interaction with its historical counterpart through a transparent facade that reveals the architectural contrast. With the majority of its facilities tucked underground, the station challenges conventional design norms, housing three platforms, six lines, and an impressive capacity to handle 5.28 million passengers annually by 2025.

Harmony with Nature and Sustainability

The subterranean design allowed MAD Architects to sculpt the surrounding landscape, planting nearly 1,500 trees and crafting hills that blend seamlessly with the station. This green haven is now linked to a park and a central lawn, poised to host cultural events. Emphasizing sustainability, the station incorporates solar panels and maximizes natural lighting, reducing its environmental footprint.

Looking to the Future

This monumental project not only revives a piece of history but also sets a new standard for transport hubs around the world. The Jiaxing Train Station, with its blend of historical reverence and forward-thinking design, stands as a testament to the potential of modern architecture to enrich public spaces and preserve the past while catering to the needs of the future.