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Spacious Living in a Tiny Package: The Cascade Mini Home

Spacious Living in a Tiny Package: The Cascade Mini Home

Compact Living, Expansive Feel

The tiny home movement continues to innovate with the Cascade Mini by TruForm Living, a prime example of maximizing interior space without expanding its small footprint. This charming abode boasts a living area that feels generous and airy, all packed within a mere 38-meter length.

Stylish and Functional Design

Despite its size, the Cascade Mini doesn't skimp on features. A highlight is the spiral staircase leading to a rooftop terrace, offering a unique outdoor experience. The ground level isn't left behind, with an enclosed porch and deck adding to the home's charm and functionality.

A Kitchen That's the Heart of the Home

Entering through the main door, visitors are welcomed into a central kitchen equipped with modern amenities including a fridge, dishwasher, propane stove, oven, and ample cabinetry. The space is completed by a central movable island, making it a versatile hub for culinary activity.

Cozy Living Room and Inviting Porch

Adjacent to the kitchen, the living room provides a snug spot with a sofa, coffee table, and fireplace. This area seamlessly transitions to an enclosed porch that not only bathes the space in light but also offers a comfortable nook. The porch connects to an innovative motorized deck, featuring a fire pit and extra seating for outdoor enjoyment.

Access to the Stars

The unique outdoor spiral staircase isn't just for show—it provides access to the rooftop terrace. This elevated space is perfect for star-gazing or enjoying a warm fire, with a small fireplace and seating to complete the ambiance.

Surprisingly Spacious Bath and Bedroom

The Cascade Mini's clever design includes a bathroom with both a bathtub and separate shower, a luxury in tiny home standards. Alongside it, the ground-floor bedroom features a low ceiling to accommodate a comfortable double bed and shelving, while allowing space above for a loft-style laundry room complete with washer, dryer, and storage.

With its thoughtful design and surprising amenities, the Cascade Mini redefines what it means to live small, proving that a tiny home can still deliver a spacious and rich living experience.