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Modern Kazakh Yurt: A Transformable Dwelling Inspired by Tradition

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Breaking Design Rules

Architects are pushing the boundaries of conventional design to create innovative and ingenious dwellings. Nurgissa Architects has recently unveiled their concept of the Modern Kazakh Yurt, a transformable dwelling heavily inspired by traditional nomadic homes.

Compact and Efficient

Occupying a 25 sqm perimeter, the Modern Kazakh Yurt is strategically designed to house bedrooms, workspaces, and a centralized section for kitchen and toilet facilities. Transformable furniture, such as beds and chairs, optimize and utilize the internal space efficiently.

Power and Sustainability

The exterior of the yurt features plywood panel segments with a flexible polymer film equipped with organic semiconductors that generate electricity. Telescopic components offer additional power generation. The generated electricity is stored in batteries to power household appliances. An autonomous biological system is integrated for wastewater treatment, reducing negative environmental impact and supporting sustainability.

Seamless Integration with Nature

Eco-friendly measures, such as the use of glued plywood with a basalt fiber heat-protective layer for wall segments, harmoniously merge the Modern Kazakh Yurt with its surrounding environment. This design approach utilizes traditional nomadic ideologies to address modern ecological issues.

A Concept with Potential

The Modern Kazakh Yurt is currently a conceptual design, but there is hope to see it become a real tangible structure or a collection of structures in the near future.