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Travel-Smart Shampoo: The Carry On Revolutionizes On-the-Go Personal Care

Travel-Smart Shampoo: The Carry On Revolutionizes On-the-Go Personal Care

Goodbye Separate Travel Bottles

For far too long, travelers have faced the dilemma of packing their favorite shampoos into smaller bottles for trips or settling for the often inferior complimentary options provided by hotels. The Carry On offers a brilliantly simple solution, merging your at-home shampoo bottle with a dedicated travel-sized companion, eliminating the hassle of purchasing additional bottles for your journeys.

Innovative Design Earns Acclaim

Yeo Seo Koo's design, the Carry On, has caught the attention of the design world, snagging this year's Asia Design Prize. The product features a generous 1-liter bottle of shampoo, complete with a built-in handle that cleverly houses a travel-friendly 50ml mini bottle. This design not only provides convenience but also ensures you don't have to compromise on the quality of your personal care products while away from home.

Smart Use of Space

The Carry On stands out for its intelligent use of what would typically be wasted space. The mini bottle snugly fits within the handle's negative space, a typically unused area in product design. This efficient use of space is not just smart design; it's also logistically savvy. Plus, the mini bottle's soap-bar-like rounded design is a subtle yet effective nod to its toiletry function.

Travel-Ready and Eco-Friendly

Not only does the Carry On make traveling with your favorite shampoo effortless, but it also promotes sustainability by reducing the need for purchasing multiple plastic bottles. With the Carry On, you can breeze through your travel preparations, confident that your personal care routine won't be compromised, all while making an eco-conscious choice.

With its innovative design and practicality, the Carry On is poised to become a staple for savvy travelers who value quality and convenience in their personal care products. This clever solution is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in improving everyday experiences.