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Revolutionary Probe Lens for iPhones Unveiled at CES 2024

Revolutionary Probe Lens for iPhones Unveiled at CES 2024

Affordable Macro Mastery

Shiftcam has just turned the smartphone photography world on its head with the introduction of a groundbreaking probe lens that won’t break the bank. This innovative attachment, priced at a fraction of its DSLR counterparts, promises to deliver the most surreal macro videos ever, directly from your iPhone.

Not Your Average Lens

The Laowa probe lens, which made waves in 2019 for its unique design and macro capabilities, came with a steep $1,599 price tag. But now, Shiftcam is offering a similar experience for iPhone users at just $299. This lens boasts a distinctive long, tubular shape allowing users to capture a 'bug's perspective' and reach into the most confined spaces with ease.

Crystal Clear Macro

Unlike typical macro lenses that blur most of the frame to focus on one subject, Shiftcam's Probe Lens maintains clarity throughout the shot. Its 25mm wide-angle focal length closely mirrors Laowa's 24mm lens, yet it’s the price tag and compatibility with iPhones that truly set it apart.

Enhanced iPhone Capabilities

Building upon the already impressive specs of iPhone cameras, this lens takes full advantage of the device's 4K@60fps video prowess. Compatible with Shiftcam's mounting cover cases, it can also be attached to older iPhone models, broadening its appeal.

Two Variants to Choose From

Announced at CES 2024, Shiftcam is releasing two versions of the Probe Lens. The standard model is available for $299, while the Pro version, at $399, comes with a built-in LED ring, variable depth of field adjustment, and a waterproof front tube for underwater exploration.