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Revving Up the Micro-Mobility Scene: TOZZ Launches Hip Electric Motorbike

Revving Up the Micro-Mobility Scene: TOZZ Launches Hip Electric Motorbike

Meet the Joyce’90: A Nod to the 90s with a Modern Twist

TOZZ, the Istanbul-based sub-culture brand known for its e-mobility solutions, has just unveiled the Joyce’90, an electric motorbike designed with Gen-Z in mind. The bike boasts a smart design, sustainable production, and durable construction, making it a standout in the micro-mobility market. Its unique pop-up headlights and an integrated Bluetooth boombox set the Joyce’90 apart, catering to a young audience that craves non-mainstream experiences.

Design and Features: Tough Body, Trendy Decals, and a Hidden Boombox

At first glance, the Joyce’90 electric bike exudes a 90s vibe, reminiscent of cross bikes and grand tourers. Its robust body is adorned with trendy color decals, likely to be passed over by millennials but embraced by the younger, hip crowd. The bike's 150W 2.1 boombox is cleverly concealed within the body, ready to bring life to any gathering.

Performance Specs: Speed, Regulation Compliance, and Battery Life

While the Joyce’90 can hit a maximum speed of 45 km/h, TOZZ plans to cap it at 25 km/h and 250W output in Europe to comply with local regulations. The e-bike's standard battery range is 45 km, with an option to upgrade for a doubled range of 90 km. Still in the prototype phase, the Joyce’90 is set to be licensed as a pedelec, making it suitable for bike lane travel in the region.

Pre-Order and Availability: Coming Soon to a Street Near You

Eager riders won't have to wait long, as the Joyce’90 will be available for pre-order this month, with deliveries expected to follow shortly. TOZZ will announce the price and broader availability details on their website and social media channels in the near future.

More Than Streaming: The Boombox Feature

Despite the dominance of digital music and streaming services, TOZZ understands that variety is the spice of life. The Joyce’90's boombox feature is a testament to the company's commitment to offering unique listening experiences alongside their innovative transportation solutions.

A Glimpse into Japanese Design Influence

The Joyce’90 also reflects the efficiency, attention to detail, and organization that are hallmarks of Japanese design philosophy. This approach is widely appreciated and influences products worldwide, including TOZZ's latest offering.

Eco-Friendly Design: Riding the Wave of Recyclability and Sustainability

In line with current design industry trends, the Joyce’90 emphasizes recyclability and sustainability. Every aspect of the e-bike has been crafted with environmental considerations in mind, showcasing TOZZ's commitment to eco-conscious design.

Shared Adventures: The Social Aspect of Riding

TOZZ believes that adventures are best enjoyed with company, and the Joyce’90 is designed to enhance shared experiences. Whether it's admiring breathtaking views or tackling challenging trails, this electric motorbike is about making memories with others.

Innovating Urban Commutes: A Look at Future Designs

The Joyce’90 is just a glimpse of what's to come in urban commuting. Upcoming designs like the MOOBY single-speed bike and the CYOOO pedelec bike showcase the potential for modular, electrically-assisted systems that could revolutionize city travel.

International Design Coverage: Keeping an Eye on the Future

As an online magazine with a keen interest in product design, we're always on the lookout for new, innovative, and undiscovered gems like the Joyce’90. Our focus remains steadfastly on the future, eagerly anticipating the next big thing in design.

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