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CATIA Visual Scripting: Empowering Designers with a New, No-Code Approach

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Revolutionizing the Design Community

The new CATIA Visual Scripting app within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is changing the game for designers, engineers, architects, and more. By combining an intuitive no-code approach with powerful parametric/generative modeling capabilities, CATIA is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in design.

Building Blocks for Infinite Possibilities

CATIA Visual Scripting allows creators to build their own scripts using a series of building blocks. These scripts generate intricate 3D geometries autonomously, making complex design creation easier than ever before. The interface, with its familiar Node-based approach, is intuitive for designers of all skill levels.

Efficiency and Collaboration at the Core

With CATIA Visual Scripting's Capture & Reuse feature, algorithms can be easily shared and reused across projects. This not only enhances efficiency but also fosters collaboration among team members. Instant parametric adjustments and design exploration further streamline the design process, allowing for rapid conceptualization and iteration.

Expanding Possibilities Across Industries

CATIA Visual Scripting is not limited to specific industries. From aerospace and architecture to shoe design and jewelry making, this powerful tool empowers creators in all fields. The specialized operators within the app offer new possibilities for highly detailed and innovative designs, including complex lattice generation for 3D printing.

Learn More

To discover more about CATIA Visual Scripting, visit the CATIA website and YouTube channel. For tutorials and resources, check out the CATIA Creative Design & Styling community. CATIA Visual Scripting is revolutionizing the way designers approach their craft, making it easier and more accessible than ever.

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