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Synth Visionary Love Hultén Teams Up with ‘catbeats’ for Innovative MIDI Guitar

Synth Visionary Love Hultén Teams Up with catbeats for Innovative MIDI Guitar

Revolutionizing Synths

Love Hultén, the renowned Swedish synth-maker, has once again redefined the world of synthesizers with his latest creation. Known for his boundary-pushing designs, Hultén has collaborated with 'catbeats' to start 2024 with a groundbreaking project. This time, it's a stunning MIDI guitar that not only boasts a NESpoly synth but also features a detachable fretboard, perfect for the traveling musician.

Design That Strikes a Chord

The MIDI guitar showcases an unconventional design that pays homage to traditional guitars while infusing modern technology. It includes a fretboard for triggering notes and a section dedicated to strumming chords. But what sets it apart are the additional knobs and buttons that allow the player to loop, modulate, and control the audio output in innovative ways.

Built for the Road

True to Hultén's thoughtful craftsmanship, the MIDI guitar is designed to be easily disassembled for travel convenience. It's not just about functionality; the guitar also features playful details that reflect the personality of its user. For example, catbeats' love for felines is incorporated into the design with a cat avatar displayed under a removable clear dome, reminiscent of a pet backpack with a transparent compartment.

Quirky Customizations

The guitar's uniqueness extends to its strap, humorously described by Hultén as made from 'extraterrestrial skin.' While this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the clear flexible plastic material used, it adds to the guitar's distinctive character. The cat avatar under the dome is also interchangeable, allowing musicians to personalize their instrument according to their mood.

The Hultén Touch

MIDI guitars are a rarity, but Hultén is no stranger to the unusual and the extraordinary. The Gothenburg-based artist's portfolio includes a variety of one-of-a-kind electronic devices, from a circular Game Boy to a synth constructed from plastic dentures. This latest MIDI guitar may not be the strangest item Hultén has created, but it's a testament to his creative genius and his ability to reimagine musical instruments for the modern era.

Introducing the Cat-Inspired Feature

A close-up view of the MIDI guitar reveals the attention to detail Hultén has put into every aspect of the design, including the cat avatar area and its removable plastic dome. It's these personal touches that make Hultén's instruments more than just tools for music—they're a statement of artistry and innovation.

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