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Revolutionizing iPhone Typing: The Clicks QWERTY Keyboard Case

Revolutionizing iPhone Typing: The Clicks QWERTY Keyboard Case

Typing Like the Good Old Days

Do you miss the tactile feedback and speed of a physical keyboard on your mobile device? A new iPhone case aims to resurrect the efficiency and satisfaction of typing with actual keys. This isn't just about nostalgia; it's about enhancing the modern creator's ability to craft stories with precision and speed.

Meet the Minds Behind the Design

Designers Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk are the brains behind this innovative accessory. While BlackBerry's reign has ended, the need for efficient texting and typing has only grown. The Clicks QWERTY keyboard case is their answer to the ergonomic and haptic shortcomings of today's touchscreen smartphones.

A Fresh Take on QWERTY for iPhones

Clicks stands out by not just replicating the BlackBerry experience but reinventing it. The case boasts bright colors and curved designs, from "Bumblebee" yellow to "London Sky" gray. Its circular keys add a playful touch, all while fulfilling the goal of improving the typing experience without sacrificing screen real estate.

Easy Installation, No Extra Bulk

Setting up the Clicks case is a breeze. Slide your iPhone in, connect it, and snap the top on. There's no need for an additional battery, which keeps the case light and cost-effective, drawing power directly from the iPhone. Plus, it supports pass-through charging for convenience, though MagSafe accessories are off the table.

Compatibility and Pricing

Currently, the Clicks QWERTY keyboard case is designed exclusively for iPhone 14 and 15 models. Priced at $139, it may stir debate among users weighing the benefits of a physical keyboard against the added height to their device. Yet, for those who frequently find themselves typing away on their phone's screen, this accessory could be the perfect investment.

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