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Hublot Collaborates with Japanese Designer Takashi Murakami to Create Limited Edition Watch

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For watch enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of analog timepieces, Hublot's latest collaboration with iconic Japanese designer Takashi Murakami is a must-have. The MP-15 Takashi Murakami watch is a limited edition piece that combines exquisite design with innovative features.

Exclusive and Limited Edition

Only 50 pieces of the MP-15 Takashi Murakami watch are available, making it a highly sought-after item for serious watch collectors. This exclusive release marks the first time Hublot has produced a watch with a central flying tourbillon and without a traditional dial.

Unique Design and Features

The watch features an iconic motif from Takashi Murakami, a sapphire flower, which is surrounded by a luminous design. The center of the watch showcases a flying tourbillon, while the hands are moved to the edge, running under the tourbillon. The translucent flange, bracelet, and sapphire case add to the play of light and give the watch a floating effect.

Skeletonized Components and Special Features

All components of the MP-15 Takashi Murakami watch are skeletonized, creating a blend of transparency and delicacy. The watch boasts a power reserve of 150 hours and can be wound up using a special pin that can be charged through a USB port.

A Collector's Dream

With its unique design and limited availability, the MP-15 Takashi Murakami watch is a collector's dream. Although it comes with a high price tag, watch enthusiasts who appreciate rare and intricate timepieces will find it hard to resist.

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