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Introducing the Cube 1: The Micro-Campervan Making Waves in the Camping World

Cube 1 Microvan

Compact Camping Revolution

There’s a newcomer in the camping scene that’s quickly becoming the center of attention. Meet the Cube 1, a micro-campervan with a distinctive boxy design that’s both turning heads and setting new trends. Crafted by Germany’s Sportcaravan, the Cube 1 stands out as one of the smallest trailers on the market, yet it’s spacious enough to avoid the claustrophobia often associated with compact living.

Designed for Convenience

Sportcaravan’s latest innovation, the Cube 1, measures a mere 10.5 feet in length and 5.4 feet in height, breaking away from traditional micro-caravan designs. Its creators boast that it requires no special trailer license and can be effortlessly towed by a small car or an electric vehicle, fitting perfectly into a standard garage or underground parking space.

Flexibility Meets Functionality

While its compactness is certainly a draw, the Cube 1’s true charm lies in its adaptability. Dubbed the “transformer among mini campers,” this tiny trailer features an 81 x 51-inch double bed that transforms into a spacious sleeping area for up to four people, thanks to an optional rooftop tent accessed via a campervan-style hatch.

Year-Round Camping Companion

With a fully insulated interior, the Cube 1 is ready for any season, ensuring that your camping adventures are comfortable no matter the weather. The need for a kitchen hasn’t been overlooked, with the Cube 1 sporting a slide-out shelf complete with a cutting board worktop and portable stove, perfect for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Storage and Customization

Storage solutions abound in the Cube 1, featuring open shelves, airline rails, and hooks for cups and utensils. Starting at a base price of €12,900, or approximately $14,000, the basic shell of this capable trailer can be customized with additional features to suit any adventurer’s needs.

Whether you’re an e-bike enthusiast or a small car owner, the Cube 1 is redefining what it means to travel light without sacrificing the comforts of home. With its innovative design and customizable options, it’s poised to become a favorite among camping aficionados everywhere.

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