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LEGO’s Culinary Creation: The Ramen Bowl Set That’s Stirring Up Excitement

LEGOs Culinary Creation: The Ramen Bowl Set Thats Stirring Up Excitement

Article Summary

A Feast for the Eyes

LEGO aficionados and ramen enthusiasts unite! Micdud's LEGO Ramen Bowl is a delectable blend of creativity and craftsmanship, offering a build that's as close to the real deal as you can get with plastic bricks. This charming concoction has been cooked up for LEGO's Ideas forum, a platform that transforms the most beloved fan designs into purchasable box-sets, following in the footsteps of the LEGO Polaroid's recent success. With over 3,400 votes and climbing, this noodle masterpiece is on its way to becoming a boxed reality.

Customizable Down to the Last Noodle

Designed by the imaginative Micdud, this LEGO set is a customizable feast, constructed with an array of "ingredients" that allow builders to tailor their bowl to taste. The set's foundation includes a "bamboo" mat, a detailed "ceramic" bowl, chopsticks in a "paper" wrapping, and a special chirirenge spoon. The real artistry comes into play as you ladle in the dashi broth, available in three hues, and layer on your choice of noodles, chashu bacon, eggs, and an assortment of toppings such as panko shrimp, squid, and more.

Building a Bowl Bursting with Color

The LEGO Ramen Bowl is a visual treat, with vibrant bricks that make the dish look almost good enough to eat. The set's aesthetics are on point, with a realistic bowl, chopsticks, and bamboo mat that complete the illusion. It's a LEGO set that could easily be mistaken for a gourmet meal, minus the Kikkoman soy sauce. However, it's wise to keep this flavorful-looking set away from the little ones, as the small pieces pose a choking risk.

Support the Savory Set

If Micdud's LEGO Ramen Bowl has whetted your appetite for construction and cuisine, join the LEGO Ideas forum and vote to help this savory set reach store shelves. It's a chance for fans to bring yet another innovative LEGO creation to life, adding a pinch of fun to the mix for builders and foodies alike.

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