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Crysher Ripple 30+ MPH Electric Snowboard Can Shred Uphill

The Crysher Ripple is a newly released $2,199 all-electric snowboard that can hit speeds up to 31MPH and has 9-12 mile range. The board uses a large treaded tire in the rear to grip the snow, allowing a rider to travel both in the flats and up to 20% graded hills. That’s fantastic news because uphill is the worst. My calves burn just thinking about trudging up a mountain. Or even a slight hill.

The Ripple is powered by a 3,000W motor and features an independent suspension, allowing riders to customize the board to current snow conditions. Me? I like my shocks stiff, so every rock I run over in my car feels like I just jumped a curb.

I never even considered the possibility of flat-ground snowboarding like cross country skiing, yet here we are. Plus it looks like it requires far less physical effort than cross country skiing, which is definitely a plus in my book. I mean there’s a reason the NordicTrack in the corner of my bedroom is basically a dusty clothes rack now.

[via TechEBlog]

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