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Dyson Redefines Hair Styling with the New Supersonic r Hair Dryer

Dyson Redefines Hair Styling with the New Supersonic r Hair Dryer

Innovation at Its Core

Dyson, already a household name for its cutting-edge vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, continues to impress with its commitment to innovation. The company's philosophy centers on pioneering authentic and innovative technologies, as seen with its popular bagless vacuums, air purifiers, and the original Supersonic hair dryer. These products have not only transformed their respective categories but have also become a part of our daily design language.

Exclusive Release for Stylists

The latest from Dyson is a redesigned Supersonic hair dryer, tailored for professional stylists in the USA. This new iteration, the Supersonic r, will initially be available exclusively to certified stylists from April 2024. Everyday consumers eager to experience the revamped hair dryer will need to wait a bit longer to get their hands on this beauty tool that promises to elevate hair styling to a new level.

A Lighter, More Precise Design

The Supersonic r is not just a name, but a reflection of its design ethos, with the "r" symbolizing its reduced size and unique shape. Dyson has managed to halve the size of the original, making the Supersonic r their lightest and most precise hair dryer yet. This strategic move to first cater to professional stylists is expected to create a buzz and drive up demand by the time it reaches retail shelves.

Revolutionary Heating Technology

Dyson doesn't just stop at aesthetics; the Supersonic r introduces a re-engineered heater that bends along the dryer's r-shaped shaft. This innovation ensures even heat airflow, a first in the hair dryer industry. Coupled with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors, the Supersonic r stands out as a special offering in the hairstyling market. These sensors allow stylists to adjust the heater and Hyperdymium motor settings for precise temperature and airflow control.

Customizable Settings for Perfect Styling

With three airflow controls and four heat settings, the Supersonic r offers unmatched versatility for stylists. The precise control over heat and airflow means effortless blow drying without the risk of heat damage. A variety of attachments also come with the hair dryer, catering to different styling needs, from quick drying to perfecting curls. All of these features come with a price tag of $570, a testament to the premium quality and innovation that Dyson offers.

Debut at New York Fashion Week

The Supersonic r was unveiled at the prestigious New York Fashion Week, capturing the attention of fashion and beauty enthusiasts alike. Its introduction to the high-fashion scene underscores Dyson's commitment to professional-grade tools that meet the needs of the most demanding stylists and fashion-forward individuals.


Dyson continues to set the bar high with the Supersonic r, promising a new era of hair styling excellence. For professionals, this tool is a game-changer, and for the rest of us, it's a product to look forward to. As we anticipate its arrival on the consumer market, one thing is clear: Dyson remains at the forefront of design and technology in the beauty industry.