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Why You Should Consider Volunteering for NGOs on Your Next Trip

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For many people, travel is about enjoying a well-deserved break and exploring new and exciting destinations. But long-term travelers often find themselves wanting a deeper purpose alongside their adventurous cravings. That's where volunteering for NGOs comes in. Here's why you should consider adding more purpose to your travels:

Traveling with Intention

To travel with a purpose is to travel with an intention. It means being aware of where you are on your travel journey and what you want to get out of it. Adding an intention to your travels can make the experience even richer and more transformative for both you and the communities you visit.

A Personal Journey

After four years of travel, I realized that there is more to travel than just the act of traveling. Learning about the lives and struggles of local people throughout Latin America changed my interests and priorities. I wanted to devote more of my time to making a deeper impact and giving back to the community.

Filling the Void

While chasing waterfalls, climbing volcanoes, and meeting new people filled me with satisfaction and adrenaline, it didn't fulfill my craving for purpose. I wanted to prioritize my intentions and give back to the community. Transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle to living in one place and having a routine was a concern, but it turned out to be a rewarding change.

NGOs and Their Impact

NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are non-profit organizations that support humanitarian causes. They rely on volunteers to help them continue their work and reach their goals. Volunteering for NGOs can make a real difference and bring positive impact to those in need. It's also been reported that helping others can make volunteers feel happier and more fulfilled.

Giving Back to the Community

When we travel, we often step into lands that belong to communities. Taking the time to give back to those communities that host us is a way of showing gratitude. Volunteering abroad allows travelers to learn more about the lives and struggles of local people, evoking feelings of empathy and pushing them to be better travelers in the future.

A Cultural Exchange

Volunteering for NGOs abroad creates a cultural exchange between travelers and hosts. It allows for the exchange of stories, ideas, and opinions, fostering a deeper understanding of diversity. This type of collaboration is beneficial for both sides, promoting open-mindedness and understanding.

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Volunteering with NGOs abroad has made me a better traveler and a better person. It has added purpose to my travels and taught me the importance of giving back to the communities that welcome us. So, on your next trip, consider volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others.

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