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Experience the Charm of a Dancing Flame with the Brass Bioethanol Fireplace

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A Unique Way to Light Up Your Home

Lamps are a common sight in homes, but they all serve the same purpose of bringing light and ambiance. However, there is something charming about a dancing flame that can brighten up your surroundings and offer warmth and comfort. Now, you can enjoy the enchanting flame with the one-of-a-kind brass bioethanol fireplace, both indoors and outdoors.

A Safer and More Beautiful Alternative

Fireplaces that use gas or fuel can be risky due to the smoke, odors, and fumes they produce. But this distinctive fireplace uses bioethanol, a fuel made from plant-based materials that doesn't produce dangerous fumes. Not only is the fuel safe, but the fireplace itself is a work of art.

A Work of Craftsmanship

The brass bioethanol fireplace, brought to you by Brasscene, is not just a metalwork creation. It is crafted with the same precision techniques used to make musical instruments like trumpets and horns. The result is an eye-catching vessel that adds glamour to any space.

Simplicity at Its Finest

The brass bioethanol fireplace is easy to use. Simply pour the bioethanol fuel into the stainless steel tank, light it up, and enjoy the flame. Glass barriers keep the flame controlled while a matching brass lid can extinguish the fire. It's a simple setup with no complications.

Aging with Character

The choice of brass material gives the fireplace a unique appearance as it ages. It develops a character that grows old with you, making it a beautifully hand-crafted design that brings joy and delight just from its presence.

A Unique Atmosphere

Once the flames start to dance, you will be dazzled by the natural play of light, shadows, and reflections. The brass bioethanol fireplace creates a unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated by electric lamps or LED bulbs.


Experience the charm of a dancing flame with the brass bioethanol fireplace. It offers a safe and beautiful alternative to traditional fireplaces and adds a touch of glamour to any space. Simple to use and aging with character, this hand-crafted design creates a unique atmosphere that will delight and impress.

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